Being a powerlifter

Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

A while ago I joined a powerlifting group where I started to learn technique and skills needed to be a great powerlifter.I felt a little out of place being the only girl and the only one under twenty-five. Since it was my grandpa’s gym they didn’t mind showing me the ropes. Before I knew it, I could squat the national record for my age group and weight class, and I could bench press and strict curl the state records. 

I have been lifting for a few months and there was finally a competition nearby. It was small and unofficial but still a competition. Like most events, I was one of the only two girls. I did well there. I made every lift I planned to do and even got a new PR on deadlift. I was stoked to do that same thing at a regular competition.  

A month later my family took a trip to visit family in Iowa. From Iowa we went straight to Bigler, PA for the competition. I knew in the gym that I was lifting record weights, but after missing a week, I wasn’t sure I would be able to lift them at the competition. At this event there were about 50 total people there and I was one of three women to complete. The first day we had strict curls and I did pretty well. I broke the record and set it even higher, which was my goal.