After an impressive final victory, Corry Beavers reflect on the season


Corry Beavers Football Team

Gabrielle Troyer, Reporter

Winning their final game against the Fairview Tigers, the Corry Beavers ended their season on a triumphant note. Coach Goodwill and the captains had a lot to say about the team’s performance.

When asked about the team’s performance Coach Goodwill said, “Although we were inconsistent at times, overall, I’m pleased with our season this year. There are a lot of positives things to build on for the future.”

Captain Levi Tasker said, “The team’s performance was good but there is a lot of work to do this off season. We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties, stop worrying about other players’ responsibilities and do your own, and not let one bad play dictate the rest of the game.”

Captain Nathan Lesher added, “Our team worked as hard as they could have and we left it all on the field.”

Both the coaches and players can reflect on the team’s strengths with the season being over.

Coach Goodwill said, “We never gave up.”

Captain Levi Tasker added, “The team’s strengths were having underclassmen step up and fill in for injured varsity players, playing together as a team, and we never stopped fighting. No matter what the score was we were still giving our full effort.”

Captain Nathan Lesher said, “The team’s strengths were the bonds of the teammates and having the passion for the game of football.”

The team reflected on the standout moments from the season as a whole. Coach Goodwill said, “Our two overtime wins against North East were hard-fought victories that revealed a lot about our kids character and resilience.”

Tasker said, “A standout moment this season would definitely have to be both of the North East games. You will never see this group of guys give up. It was a nonstop battle during both of the games. We had starters go down with injuries and nonstarters stepped up and got the job done.”

Lesher said, “The standout moment was beating Northeast in double overtime at home. Along with the last game when both sides of the ball were clicking and beating Fairview 55-7.”

They always remember what to improve on for the game of football for when next season comes. Coach Goodwill said, “We need to be committed to improving our strength and conditioning in the off-season.”

Tasker added, “We can improve in the off-season by getting players in the weight room, getting in the play book, and attending off-season skills and drills practices.”

Lesher said, “The team can always improve. The places could be the weight room, playbooks, and just knowing what we’re doing.”

The Beavers record was 4-5, with their victory over the Fairview Tigers ending the season on a good note.