My cat does WHAT?!

Skylar Beckford, Reporter

I sat in the passenger seat of my mom’s car as she drove me to get my new kitten. My legs were shaking in excitement, and I felt my heart pounding in my chest. We pulled into the driveway, and there stood the couple holding my kitty. I quickly unfastened my seat belt and darted out of the car. Mom laughed at my excitement and followed behind. Mr. and Mrs. Scott gave the kitten one final kiss on the head before handing her to me. She meowed as I took her into my arms, and I smiled at her adorable little face. Mom paid the Scotts and we said our final goodbyes before returning to the car and heading home. I leaned back in my seat and watched as the fluffy little kitten fell asleep on my chest.

We arrived home and I took the kitten to my room. I gently placed her on the floor and watched her jump all over the place in excitement. I giggled and grabbed a toy, dangling it by her face. She swatted the toy and grabbed it, making me laugh even harder. A lot of time passed as I was settling Tilly into her new home, and nighttime was already approaching. I changed into some comfortable clothes and turned on my TV. Climbing under the sheets, I noticed Tilly watching me from the floor, almost as if she wanted me to help her onto the bed. Of course, I gave in, and snuggled back in bed with her.

Within a few minutes, I felt my eyes fall heavy as tiredness was slowly taking over. Tilly laid on my chest, watching as I grew more tired. “I love you Tilly,” I mumbled. My eyes shut, and I felt the darkness take over. I then heard a little squeak. “I love you too.” My eyes shot open and I looked down at Tilly. “Did you just speak?”