Timothy the Turkey’s tremendous rescue

Timothy the Turkeys tremendous rescue

Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, Thanksgiving Land was ruled by a cruel, cold-hearted, oppressive king. His name was Gander the Goose. His subjects, all geese, lived in fear of doing something wrong as well as the punishment that would follow. So, everyday they would walk everywhere with their heads hung low, they would go through the motions of work, walk back home with their heads dragging in the dirt, and sleep away their anxieties. To basically sum it up, Thanksgiving Land was more like Fearsgiving Land. No goose was ever found smiling. Not even the goslings, full of energy as they were, were ever caught cracking a grin.

However, all of that would soon change…

Not far from Thanksgiving Land there lived a turkey in the Land of Recluse… Timothy was his name. Timothy Turkey was unlike any other turkey of his land. Timothy proudly walked the streets, smiling and waving to the others as he whistled his favorite tune. The other turkey’s on the other hand, fled immediately from Tim, terror in their eyes as they looked upon a friendly turkey. Many shooed poor Timmy away, as his positive energy was too overwhelming for sour turkey’s such as themselves. Everyday on his way home from work, Timmy would gaze at the vibrant fall leaves that never ceased to amaze him. He breathed in the fall air and watched happily as the frogs croaked and the peepers peeped. He lived away from the others, of course, because he didn’t want their negative energy to hinder his joyous spirits. He enjoyed it though, not having to worry about the dirty looks he was given on the streets.

One day, Timothy caught wind of all of the terrible things taking place in the unfair land of Thanksgiving. With a new feeling of determination, he packed his bags, gave one last look around his home, and headed off to the horrible land ruled by none other than Gander the Goose himself. Timothy was going to do something no turkey had ever thought of…he was going to single-handedly save the geese of Thanksgiving Land from the clutches of their king.

On and on Timothy traveled. Over creeks, around scary meadows, and through haunted caverns he trudged. But Tim’s stride never broke as he confidently carried himself to the king’s palace, whistling a very merry tune. Although he wasn’t sure what tactic he would use to defeat the awful king, he just hoped that a split-second, amazing idea would pop into his head. Finally, after days of traveling, he arrived to Thanksgiving Land. All work ceased in the town market as Timothy Turkey emerged form the shadows.

“Is that a…turkey?!” Many gasps followed, people ran to their homes and locked themselves in. No goose had ever encountered a turkey before, and who wouldn’t be frightened of a stranger? Tim trudged through the silent market, and set forth to the palace. Once he arrived at the palace, he shouted at the top of his lungs, “WAKE UP YOU GOOSE!”

Gander the Goose awoke from his afternoon slumber and struggled to the window. “You evil being! What could you possibly want?!”

“A moment of your time, great one, is all I ask.” Flattered by the Turkey’s praise, the evil king exited his bed chamber and went outside to meet with Tim. Once the two were facing each other and looking at each other suspiciously, Timothy broke into the most beautiful whistling song ever created. The serenity of his whistling entranced Gander the Goose, who stood staring, dumbfound, at Timmy. Timmy soon broke into a methodical dance, clapping, twirling, and flinging to and fro. The whole goose population surrounded Tim, awestruck by his amazing yet foreign gifts. Soon, the entire crowd was dancing along with him, showing smiles for the first time ever in their lives. The crooked king Gander snapped out of his trance and realized just how happy the geese were, and his cold heart was softened by the joy that radiated from Timothy Turkey. From that day on, Thanksgiving Land was a flourishing land. There were parties all the time, music echoed across the hills, and best of all, everyone wore smiles at all times of the day.

No one really knows what happened to Timothy Turkey after he saved the geese of Thanksgiving Land, but legend has it that to this day he is whistling a joyous tune in the open meadows, spreading joy to all who hear his calming melody.