Corry’s dance team competes locally this weekend


Kylynn Deane, Reporter

Our local competitive dance team Dance To The Beat is competing on home turf this Memorial Day weekend. They usually travel up to three hours for competitions, and this weekend they are competing in Erie, PA. A 45-minute drive feels like home to these dancers who are used to being in big, unfamiliar cities. 

Not only does it feel like a home game, but it is their last competition of the season. Besides nationals this summer in Sandusky, this is their last chance to compete until next spring. The competition is being held at the Erie Convention Center, with free admission. Lucky for the dancers and because this is a new small competition, all of their dances happen to fall on Saturday! They are all used to dancing throughout the entire weekend.

The 9-11 year-old soloists start the day off Saturday morning at 8:45, and then all of the group dances begin and dance throughout 11:30-2:40. Senior soloists compete starting at 4:14, and everyone is done by 6:15! This is such a quick and easy day for these great dancers. They hope to see as many local supporters as possible, and hope to have an even bigger turnout than usual due to the location.

Stay tuned for an update next week on this exciting and highly anticipated event. Hopefully the team leaves the competition with many awards, scholarships, invitations, etc!