Survey: Who will win the NBA Finals?


Cameron Richards, Reporter

As the NBA Finals are creeping up on us, with the first game taking place on Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 8:30, I asked students and staff who will win the NBA Finals.

Blake Cook: Celtics

Steven Willis: Celtics

Nic Richards: Celtics

Trenton Lobdell: Celtics

Aiden Williams: Nuggets

Lily Hogan: Lakers

Preston Adams: Celtics

Grant Adams: Celtics

Brenden Lindstom: Nuggets

Lucas Baker: Heat

Keaton Frisina: Celtics

Tucker Jackson: Celtics

Mr.Buona: Celtics

Nathan Weis: Nuggets

Teddy Mickel: Nuggets

Landon Deane: Lakers

Braedon Fiesler: Heat

Alex Schmidt: Nuggets

Mr. Potocki: Nuggets

Trent Williams: Heat

Nolan White: Heat

Cooper Hodak: Celtics

Hunter Jordan: Heat

Nate Rooney: Nuggets

Gabe Scouten: Celtics

Gavin Kent: Heat