Time will tell the future


Hannah Chelton, Reporter

On Jason’s twelfth birthday, he asked for a new alarm clock because his current one was old and did not work all the time. His parents granted his wish, and got him a new one just like he had asked for. Although, there was something different about this one. It was an odd shape and had all the same buttons that his other one did, but on the side of it there was something different. There was a dial that had numbers on it, similar to a thermostat dial. He didn’t seem to let it bother him though because he jumped for joy, thanked this parents, and ran right to his room to set up the new alarm clock.

He plugged it in, set the time, alarms, and got the radio station to come in so it was not a bunch of nonsense noise. Then his hand accidentally touched the dial on the side of the alarm clock. Jason sat there for a minute to see if anything would happen. He got tired of waiting so he just turned it back to where he thought the original position was. Soon after he ran downstairs to see what they were going to do next because he overheard that they were going out for dinner that night.

They went out for dinner and didn’t get home till late that night. Jason walked in his room, and heard noises in the dark. Then turned on his light and discovered that his new alarm clock was talking. Jason listened very closely, listened to the words, and discovered that it was telling him what he was going to do for a job when he grew up. Additionally, it told him that he was going to fail trying to get his permit the first time, receive a car for Christmas when he is 17, and rescue four dogs in his lifetime. After hearing this, Jason was terrified. He screamed, got a book, and smashed the alarm clock. He never told anyone about what had happened. He just kept it to himself and waited to see if his future panned out like the alarm clock told him.

Needless to say, the alarm clock predicted Jason’s fate well. He did fail trying to get his permit, and got the car at age 17 for Christmas. Although one prediction was wrong. Jason wound up rescuing many animals in his life time because he opened up his own animal shelter, greatly surpassing the prediction that the clock told him of rescuing only four dogs.