Jeff the Lineman

Jeff the Lineman

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

Mr. Goodwill is in charge of Chromebook repairs, assisting teachers and students in technology in the classroom, managing the library, coaching the Football team, and he is in charge of the graduation projects. He likes technology and “…how it makes life easier when used properly, and when it’s working.” He attended high school at Corry and he enjoyed his time here as a student. He played football as a lineman and was in Track and Field and threw discus and shot put when he went to school here. His favorite season is fall because of football. Outside of football he also enjoys watching the Olympics and track and field. 

He became a teacher because he liked the idea of being able to work with young people and influence [their] lives for the better. He also likes getting summers off. When asked whether he thought if every student should be involved in a school sport he said, “An extracurricular of some kind is important, just to be a part of something because it helps students grow as a people and as students.”

His favorite color is brown! He says that everyone always makes fun of him when he says it, but that “it goes with everything.” His favorite animal is the Rhinoceros! He enjoys reading, especially Stephen King novels. He said that if he had to choose a favorite Stephen King book, that it would be ‘Misery.’ He loves suspense and mystery books.   

He is a big Penn state fan and a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. When asked the favorite games that he’s ever watched he said, “I don’t know if I could name a favorite, I just enjoy watching them!” He likes the Offence and the Lineman. If he could go one place for a day trip, he said that he’d probably go to Pittsburgh.

One thing that people don’t know about him is that he’s a really good cook and he loves to cook pasta dishes! He is not much of a baker though. His favorite holiday is Christmas because there are “lots of good feelings at Christmas time, his family and friends, and Christmas cookies. His favorite cookie would just be a simple peanut butter with a Hershey’s kiss.