Who I would cast in a live-action ‘Coraline’


“Coraline” is a movie that started off as more of a cult favorite but then grew to more of a widely known film. If you haven’t watched it, it’s a dark fantasy that some would even consider to be a horror, about a young girl who moves into a new apartment and discovers a small door in her living room. Her relationship with her parents is not the best, and when she crawls through the door she discovers that there is another dimension where everything is perfect. The food, the neighbors, even her mother is perfect, the only thing unsettling are the buttons that take the place of everyone’s eyes. There has been a ton of speculation of a live action version, not that it will come anytime soon or even at all, so I thought since I’ve been a fan of the movie for so long, I would fan cast who I think would play these characters the best. 

Coraline: Makenna Grace 

I don’t think anyone in young Hollywood could play Coraline Jones better than Makenna Grace. She already has so much experience acting that I believe she could nail the character and the energy that Coraline has. Grace also is young and has a young face, I don’t think that her youth would be something that should be stripped away because that’s what makes Coraline an optimistic character. 

Wybie: Miles Brown 

Miles Brown is somebody I’m surprised I don’t see in the spotlight more, and with a pair of green contacts I think that he would greatly resemble the character Wybie. He has a lighter voice and if you’ve seen the movie you know that Wybie has a distinct and recognizably light and raspy voice. Brown also still looks very young even though he is 18, and these characters are supposed to be young teens. 

Mother/other mother: Gwendoline Christie 

The main reason that I think Gwendoline Christie would be a good candidate for this role is because of her height. I think that it brings a great advantage to the character that other actresses wouldn’t have naturally. Christie isn’t often portrayed as a feminine character because of her height, and I think this would be something people haven’t seen from her yet. 

Father/other father: Ryan Reynolds 

The dad in “Coraline” is supposed to be more of a comedic character. This might be controversial, but I think Ryan Reynolds could do a good job playing the dad. He’s funny, but can also be serious. You don’t see Reynolds in horror or thrillers that often, and I think a lot of people would enjoy seeing him sing the song on the piano to Coraline. 

Cat: Idris Elba 

Cat is someone who would have to have a voice fit enough for the character because, obviously, you won’t see a face. Idris Elba would have a great voice for Cat because, one, he’s British, and two, has a mysterious tone to his voice. The cat in “Coraline”  also talks slow and reserved, and Elba already has that feeling in his voice. 

Mr. Bobinski: Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci is known for transforming into characters that nobody would even guess was him. I think that Tucci would be great at making his voice dirty with a nice Russian Accent. He always embraces his characters and really becomes a different person, and Mr. Bobinski would need an actor that would be willing to go the extra mile. 

Miss Spink: Sophia Loren 

Sophia Loren is a classic Hollywood actress that would be a great contender for the role of Miss Spink. She hasn’t had a big role in decades, and a small little cameo as an old woman with countless dogs would be iconic. The character of Spink also has a love for theater, much like an old Hollywood star like Loren.

Miss Forcible: Meryl Streep 

I think that Meryl Streep would be a good choice to portray Miss Forcible because of her performance in another movie, “The Devil Wears Prada.” Streep played a perfect stuck-up character, which would be similar to the persona of Miss Forcible. I also think that with glasses they kind of resemble each other.