Jazzy Joseph Johnston

Jazzy Joseph Johnston

Willow Bowen, Editor

Joseph Marian Johnston is a freshman who attends Corry High School and grew up in the Corry district. Johnston was born October 19, 2007, meaning that he is a likable Libra. He is an only child who lives with his mom and his dad, you may even know his dad because he’s the music and band teacher at Columbus Elementary School. 

In his free time, you might catch Johnston playing the saxophone, riding his bike, or designing outfits. He enjoys fashion so much so that he even visualized a brand called “MOTLEY” that he would one day like to create. To Johnston, clothes are fun, his favorite accessories would be “Sunkissed loafers and broaches flooded with stones.” 

Johnston does not have any particular career in mind currently. He would rather have an occupation that involves making stuff not because he’s told, but because he wants to. Describing this as “wanting to be perpetually creative.”

For entertainment, Johnston would watch his favorite movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Music wise, jazz and rap are his go to, with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Tyler The Creator sparking his interest. He even finds himself enjoying old south western European semi-classical scores. 

Even though he’s allergic to nuts, fish, and peanut butter, Johnston still likes to enjoy a good charcuterie board. Food isn’t the only thing that Johnston is allergic to: cats are also a weakness. Although he thinks one day he could invest in a hairless cat for a pet. 

Johnston does marching band, but he explained how he doesn’t consider it a traditional “sport” and people who do hold it to that standard ruin the specialty of it. Expressing how, “It’s more of a performance than a display of athletics.” The instrument that Johnston plays is the saxophone, winning many awards for doing so. 

The biggest pet peeve that Johnston has is when pedestrians give courtesy to the driver. He believes that you as the walker have the right of way, so why give the car permission to drive? “You have to be assertive while crossing streets,” he said. 

A piece of advice that Johnston would give his readers is don’t try to be someone else. He persuades people to not be like someone or do something because you feel like you have to, saying “Don’t be negative towards yourself specifically; in order to love others you have to love yourself. You have to have self-love, if you do negative self-talk you won’t get anywhere, you have to put yourself first, even if it’s a little bit selfish,” ending his advice by  saying you are the most important person in your life.