Emma Minnick: Brilliant artist


Alivia Burger, Reporter

As she is going to be graduating this year, our own editor-in-chief deserves some credit for her astounding artwork and some recognition for her many accomplishments.

She was born and raised in Spartansburg, PA, and went to school there for quite some time. This was the beginning of her artistic journey; she would draw nearly every day and similarly she would improve every day. By the time she was in fifth grade she started gaining recognition for her art as she was very talented for her age. Once she reached middle school, she joined an art club and was praised by the teacher for her artistic abilities and was given the chance to teach other students how she draws faces. She was also gaining popularity on Instagram for her art in the form of classmates following her art account.

By the time she was in high school she began broadening her horizons and began gaining followers on Instagram by others who have noticed her artistic talent. She has remained one of the senior class’s most impressive artists without a single art class since seventh grade. She even brings an amazing artistic spin into her daily life and inspires those around her. Stop by her Instagram page and check out her art!