Newspaper and Global Media unite for field trip to St. Bonaventure University

Newspaper and Global Media unite for field trip to St. Bonaventure University

MaKenna Moore, Editor

On Friday, April 21, Corry High’s global media and newspaper classes are heading to St. Bonaventure University in New York state for a field trip to the University’s CommDay. This day’s purpose at the University is to expose students who are interested in the media field to give them a taste of what a career in journalism can offer. This day shows students journalism in all different varieties for students to decide which path in journalism they would like to pursue.

There are many different activities planned for that day. First, the students will register as soon as they get there, and all of the schools there get welcomed by Dean Aaron Chimbel. Then, there is the presentation of the CommPetition Awards, followed by a Keynote by Shannon Dan, the executive vice president at Intersport. After all of the introductions, the workshop sessions begin, then there will be lunch at the Hickey Dining Hall. Finally, if some schools prefer to stay a little bit after lunch the college book store will be open.

The workshops conclude the following are the various options of types of writing in journalism each class can sign up for and learn about: Writing Sports Like A Pro, Take The Time to Take the Walk: The Best Advice on Writing, Improving Your Publication’s Photos, Finding Local News Stories, What it takes to Broadcast Sports, You Believe What? How to Combat Disinformation, What is Public Relations?, and Understanding Media Ethics. In the workshops a professor will be teaching and telling students all about whatever subject they chose to learn about.

There is a competition that they host for all students attending, where you can submit a News and Feature piece of writing, or a video presentation. They will be announcing the winners that day in front of everyone. The categories are Best Overall (Best in show), and Best of Category. The prize for Best in Show is $1,000 SBU first-year scholarship, and for Best in Category $500 SBU first-year scholarship.