Jokester Jack

Get to know the one-of-a-kind Jack Hallberg!

Ruthie Light, Editor

Jack David Hallberg is a 16-year-old junior at CAHS. Hallberg was born on April 30, 2006, making him a witty Taurus. Alongside his younger sister, Ava Hallberg, he resides in his family home in Spartansburg, PA, although he likes to spend his days “in the hood.”

Jack Hallberg

Because he is still attending high school as an 11th grade student, there are many classes Hallberg is taking in preparation for graduation. His favorite class, though, is Biology 2. When asked why his favorite class is Biology 2, he responded, “because Mr. Kerr is the GOAT.” Additionally, most high school students have a hard time figuring out what they want to pursue as a career after they graduate, but not Jack Hallberg. After graduation, Hallberg plans to become a lawyer. According to Hallberg, he would like to pursue a career in law because “It seems fun, and lawyers make a lot of money.” Although he is destined to be a lawyer in the future, he has experience in other fields to occupy his time until then. Last summer, Hallberg was a tack welder at Corry Manufacturing because he “needed the money.” Outside of his school and work life, Hallberg enjoys playing track and football, gaming, and connecting with the community. 

Not many people know much about Jack Hallberg, other than the fact that he is super silly and always cracking jokes. However, he is actually a man of many interests. Something that most people wouldn’t know about Hallberg at first glance is that he would love to travel to Prague, Czech Republic because it is the city that his family immigrated from. Other fun facts about Hallberg are that his favorite movie is “The Human Centipede,” his favorite song is “Money So Big” by Yeet, his favorite color is green for Slytherin, and his favorite emotion is none of them. Speaking of “The Human Centipede,” Hallberg’s idea of the perfect date would be to watch that movie!

Next, when asked what animal he would match his personality to, Hallberg said “A snake because they are slithery and slimy.” Out of the many different foods that Hallberg enjoys, he says that his favorite would have to be raw liver “because it is tasty.” Lastly, Jack Hallberg expressed that his biggest pet peeve would have to be freshman, when asked why, he responded, “Can’t stand them.”

Lastly, Jack Hallberg is an open book. His favorite quote is by former president John F. Kennedy that states, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Jack cares deeply about his audience and would like to leave them off with some words of wisdom: “It is never too late to quit.”