Lost Memories, a story

Lost Memories, a story

Tony Kerr, Reporter

Walking down the hallway towards my next class, I realized that I had no memory of the class the day before. I knew I had been there, but I could not recall anything, of course it was something to do with calculus. I looked to see if there had been homework the night before which could give a clue. There was not any, thus I was lead to the conclusion we must have been finishing up a test. I could have asked one of my friends, but I did not feel the need to confirm it seemed only logical.

My assumption turned out to be correct, luckily. We started a new unit today. Given a few homework problems I finished them in class with little issue. The real issue would have been if I had been wrong. This kind of absent mindedness could have left me completely lost. And it has only been occurring more frequently. At least it seems that way.

After school, I headed out to track practice and one of my friends asked what we were going to be doing today. I keep track of what we are doing normally but today there was nothing to be found. I asked what we did the day before and my friend responded that we had a race. so I told him we would likely be running 3-5 miles like normal. This is starting to become an issue and I was only able to overcome this due to our schedule. Thinking of solutions since I am not willing to try any “off the counter” memory enhancing drugs, I came up with writing things down or typing as necessary. I almost always have paper or an electronic device, but what if this allows my lack of memory to become worse.

I could not admit that I had an issue with everything going on. I have too many people relying on me to make sure things get done. Perhaps this issue is temporary, could it be a side effect of stress, lack of sleep, or something else entirely that I have not thought of. Being tied to a book of notes or device is a scary thought to me. I know most kids my age can not get away from their phones, so it would not look out of place, but are they doing it too? Am I not alone in my forgetting, or can they just not escape their social circles?