The 10 best Beanie Babies

The 10 best Beanie Babies

Emma Minnick, Editor-in-Chief

Beanie Babies exploded in the ’90s. With their cute design and unique names and birthdays, they quickly became one of the most popular items for collectors. I started collecting Beanie Babies in 2020, and although I have over thirty different Beanies, I also have an extensive list I’d like to add to my collection. Here are my top ten dream Beanie Babies, in order of how much I like them.

10.  Whisper the Deer

Released on May 30, 1998, Whisper the Deer is nothing special on the surface. Whisper is a classic tan fawn, with white spots and brown hooves. On the surface, Whisper is nothing special, and is in fact quite common. But in my opinion, Whisper would make an excellent addition to my collection because of how cute it is.

9. Gordon the Bear

I have six Attic Treasures Beanies, and it is by far my favorite collection, which is why Gordon the Bear would fit right in. Released on January 1, 1999, Gordon the Bear is a charming plush teddy with a yellow raincoat and matching hat. I love Gordon because it reminds me of Paddington the Bear. This Beanie is just such a silly and unique bear that would look great on my shelf.

8. Icing the Seal

Seals are my favorite animal, and I already own Misty the Seal, but Icing is just another level of cute. Icing was released on October 31, 2005, and is a small white seal with whiskers and a blue ribbon. As a seal lover, Icing is a must-have for me by default. I would honestly buy every single seal Beanie Baby available.

7. Rex the T-Rex

Rex the T-Rex is on my list because it is honestly so stupid looking. Released on June 13, 2000, as apart of the McDonald’s Teenie Beanie collection, Rex is a small red and blue dinosaur with beady eyes and nubs for limbs. Rex just looks like a red, amorphous blob and this is why I love it. There’s something so endearing about how silly it is, and seeing it in my room would definitely make me smile.

6. Romeo & Juliet the Monkeys

These Beanies are unique because they come in a connected pair. Romeo and Juliet are two embracing pink monkeys, one with hearts. Released on November 30, 2005,  this Valentines-themed Beanie is so cute. The lovebird monkeys make me smile, and seeing them on my shelf would remind me that love really does exist.

5. Fleecia the Lamb

Fleecia the Lamb was released on January 2, 2011, and is a white Easter-themed lamb with a pink bow. Fleecia is unique because it is a more plush and fluffy variation of Beanie. The soft, cute appearance and springy vibes it has makes me smile, so Fleecia would be a nice addition to my collection.

4. Stomps the Dinosaur


Stomps was released in 2005 as part of the TY Pluffies collection. Stomps is a large green dinosaur with white polka dots and pink detailing. Stomps is absolutely adorable, with a fluffy build and adorable color scheme. I have always had a soft spot for dinosaur Beanies because they are so silly and unique.

3. Radiance the Bear

Radiance the Bear is one of the most beautiful Beanies I have seen. It was released on June 30, 2005, as a part of the PinkyS collection. Radiance is a favorite for many reasons. Not only is this bear a beautiful pink color, it has a unique curly fur pattern and a bouquet of silk roses. Radiance is so adorable and well-designed that I would love to own it.

2. Juggles the Clown Bear

Juggles is a white clown-themed bear released on July 29,2005. This bear is one of my favorites because of its novelty. Juggles has a full clown suit, flower hat, and over-sized red shoes that make it look so goofy. I think it would be such a funny addition to my collection, and definitely a conversation starter.

1. Monarch the Bear

Monarch was a no-brainer for my number one spot for many reasons. Released on January 5, 2007, Monarch is based on the San Francisco Zoo’s beloved grizzly bear of the same name. The iconic bear died in 1911, but is still a historic symbol for the state of California. This Beanie is a worthy tribute. Monarch the Bear is absolutely precious and somewhat resembles a yellow dog in a bear costume, which I think is silly. Monarch is such a sweet Beanie, and knowing it was based on a real grizzly bear makes it undeniably my most wanted Beanie Baby.