Double win for Corry baseball and softball teams

MaKenna Moore, Editor

On Friday, March 24, both the Corry softball and baseball teams had home games; both playing against the North East Grape Pickers. The girls game started at 4 p.m. and there was no JV game, so the boys Varsity game started at 5 p.m. and JV followed.

The boys baseball game starting line up in the in-field was Wesley Kurelowech catching, Zach Martin pitching, Caleb Daniels at first base, Kamdyn Moon on second base, Rylan Smith at short stop, John Albers at third base. In the out-field was Jacob Kuberry (left field), Chance Rogers (center field), and Johnny Pike (right field). Throughout the game Zach Martin, Micah Murphy, and Kamdyn Moon all took the mound throughout the game. The final score was 7-6 Corry taking the win both Martin and Pike each scored two runs; Albers, Kuberry, and Smith each scored one run.

The girls softball game starting line up in the in-field was Payton McCray pitching, Kayla Hayes catching, Sadye Dyne at first base, Allison Sawyer at second base, Kendall Scouten at short stop, and Kendyll Chamberlin at third. In the out-field Alyssa Burlew (left field), Kaycee Porter (center field), and Kyla Firsina (right field). For the first three innings McCray pitched, and for the last two innings Dyne pitched. The final score was 10-0 Corry, taking the win.