President Biden approves Willow Project


Trent Williams, Reporter

On March 13, President Biden approved the Willow project.

The Willow project is a project where a company called ConocoPhillips plans to drill oil and gas in Alaska. They plan on building pipelines, several miles of roads, and even seven bridges, and millions of people don’t support this project.

ConocoPhillips said this will gain about $17 billion in profits for state and local governments. This will also make it nearly impossible to solve climate change, as this will emit over 239 metric tons of gases. This is roughly the equivalent to having a combined 1.7 million cars. This would also endanger many different types of animals.

There were several petitions, TikTok videos, and protests to stop the project. There is one petition which raised over three million signatures, but this has done nothing, since Biden has already approved it.

The project will take place in Alaska’s North Slope, in the National Petroleum Reserve.