Corry softball embarks on spring training trip


MaKenna Moore, Editor

The Corry softball team is heading down to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina to take part in a spring training program from Wednesday-Saturday.

They take this trip every four years, so the last time they went on a spring training trip was back in 2019, and they went to Tennessee. They are riding on a bus and left at 7 p.m. Tuesday night and will be staying at a resort on the beach. They will get back on Sunday night.

There are 16 girls from JV and Varsity combine, coaches Allie Williams, Erica DiLuzio, and Chip Hasbrouck, and volunteers Kevin Williams are also attending. They are set up to practice Wednesday in the evening, then Thursday, Friday, and Saturday they will play. There are two varsity scrimmages, two JV scrimmages, then two Varsity games, and two JV games.

Coach DiLuzio gave her input on why she believes this is a great idea to go on this trip, “It’s going to be a great experience for exposure and team bonding outside of practice.”