Top 10 most attractive animated animals

Willow Bowen, Editor

After popular demand from a group of very questionable people, the list of top ten most attractive cartoon animals is finally written. Despite how icky you may think this is, you might find yourself questioning these cartoonists and their work.

10. Tramp – “Lady and the Tramp”

Tramp from ‘Lady In the Tramp’ knows how to serve looks even when living in poverty. Not to mention, he’s a gentleman, which is the most attractive thing of all. He saves Lady after she had been taken by the pound, while also fighting off a pack of ruthless dogs for her. And who can forget the iconic spaghetti scene. Swoon!

9. Diego – “Ice Age”

This prehistoric hottie might at well be on the cover of vogue. If Austin Butler was an animal this is what it would look like. Diego is low on the list though because he saved the Ice Age baby, and I think we can all agree we would have rather seen another outcome.

8. Dr. Cockroach -” Monsters vs. Aliens”

 Something doesn’t add up, because if cockroaches are gross and scary, why does this guy claim spot number 8? It’s mostly because of his evil scientist mustache and crazy little laugh. He could hypnotize anyone with his big golden orbs.

7. Alex the lion – “Madagascar”

Jake Gylionhaal, I mean Jake Gyllenhaal, I mean Alex the lion from Madagascar is number seven on this list. He is easy on the eyes, sure, but all he cares about is being in the spotlight. If he was his father, then he would probably be higher on this list.

6. Barry – “The Bee Movie”

This little bee had enough charisma to almost end up in a committed relationship with a human lady. I don’t know what that says about her, but it sure does look good for him. Honestly, how could anyone ever resist his striking blue orbs. Many people could look up to Barry because of how little he cares about social standards.

5. Spirit – “Spirit”

If the animators of this movie didn’t want the horse to end up on this list, they should have thought twice about the gorgeous flowing mane they gave this guy. Not only is he the leader of his herd, but he will do anything to protect them.

4. Nick Wilde – “Zootopia”

Nick Wilde sure does make the Zootopia fanbase go wild. Maybe it’s because of his lime green shirt and purple greasy tie, or maybe it’s because of how he defies what people might think of him socially. Nick Wilde is honestly a civil rights icon.

3. Puss In Boots – “Shrek”

No one looks better in a pair of knee high boots than this kitty cat. You know what they say: if you handle his claws you don’t get that kitty. Puss even kind of resembles Johnny Depp, and that helps him make the number three spot on this list.

2. Alvin – “Alvin and the Chipmunks”

Alvin is a chipmunk, and also a little bit of a troublemaker. He owns zero pairs of pants and one red sweatshirt. Even though he gets yelled at a lot by Dave, he still finds a way to make it classy. Alvin is number two on this list because he would be easy to make profit off of and that automatically makes him attractive.

1. Gill – “Finding Nemo”

Gill is a fish, but that doesn’t mean he’s not deserving of the number one spot on this list. Even with scars, Gill manages to have such a striking look. Society doesn’t know if it’s his smirk, his survival instinct, or the fact he’s voiced by Willem Dafoe, and if they say they don’t like Gill, they will hear his little giggle.