iPhones versus Androids

iPhones versus Androids

Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

Although many disagree, I personally think that Android is the superior phone over Apple phones. Here is a list of pros and cons for both brands. 

I think the biggest pro of Apple is that you can Facetime other Apple users without downloading an app. You can also screen record things and Apple uses icloud to transfer things easily.  A few cons for having an iPhone would be the price. The lack of variety is also a con. Another thing I do not like is that they got rid of the headphone jack, so that people would have to buy adapters or AirPods. They are putting profit growth over consumer needs. 

I will start with the pros of an Android and discuss the variety and price. Android offers phones ranging from low quality with a cheaper price and higher end phones with better quality and are still less expensive than Apple. Another pro of Android is the battery life. I have never once had my phone die on me and it only needs an hour to fully charge. I am sure you have heard of common complaints about Androids, but there are some fixes for these complaints. Many complain of Android user camera quality but that is simply fixed by choosing a phone that offers a better camera. You can video chat by downloading secondary apps. 

Android users get a lot of hate because they do not have the status an iPhone brings. I think iPhones have become a symbol of wealth, so people don’t look at the product they are getting. Overall, I think the pros of an Android outweigh the fixable cons and make it a better product than Apple.