The Underrated Soccer Star


Trent Williams, Reporter

Skylar was a little boy who had a dream when he was at a very young age to be in MLS. His father told him all you would have to do is to try a little harder to make it.

He suddenly worked a lot harder by the age of 14; he ran two miles each day, and he also did 500 sit-ups a day. After Skylar did all that, he finally got noticed by his local private school soccer club.

He did really well his first season, with 15 goals in his first season, four assists, and 10 penalty kick goals. He got the Rookie of the Year Award, he also got recognized by several colleges like Arizona State University, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Florida.  During his senior year, he committed to Arizona State University to play for the 2023-2024 season.

In college, he did really well, averaging 5.5 goals a game, and was the team MVP.

Now, he sits in New York City, with a great penthouse, four cars, and is the owner of a MLS Team.