“The Last of Us” episode two

The Last of Us episode two

Ava Gjertsen, Editor

**Spoilers for episode two**

Episode two of HBO Max’s new hit show was released, and gained just as much attention as the first. This could be because viewers finally got to see the iconic due that is Ellie and Joel together and interacting as they do in the games.

A fantastic touch the series added was the delving into the background and history of the virus. In the games, its touched upon, but never really goes into depth about it. Many watchers found it fascinating how they flashbacked to the beginning of the outbreak to display how officials handled it and what exactly it did to the human body. The scenes involving the professor discovering the infected body was disturbing yet interesting to see, and brought a whole new light and knowledge to the lore.

Another well-liked feature was how much more horrifying the show is. The clickers were far more fear-inducing than in the game, and genuinely frightened people watching. Their looks were disgustingly real and vivid, making it all the more terrifying and unsettling. Plus, the detail right before Tess’s death, where infected puts the fungal in her mouth, was shocking and left a lasting foul feeling in the stomachs of those viewing.

The acting was yet again on point. Specifically, Tess’s actress (Anna Torv) truly shined in this episode. Her emotions and death scene were so genuine and raw, it was difficult to not get invested.  It was also liked that the writers gave Tess and Joel deeper feelings for one another. Its hinted at in the game, but Tess’s line of “asked you to feel what I felt” made their relationship and her death all the more deep. Also Bella Ramsey’s reaction to the loss of Tess was heartbreaking; her grief and sadness was all too authentic. Additionally, the chemistry between Tess, Joel and Ellie is unmatched. They were so comedic together, and it was a great addition, considering Tess and Ellie didn’t interact much in the game. It made it that much more special and entertaining for fans.

4/5 stars.