First ‘Boy of the Month’ of 2023


Jenna Martin, Editor

Every month there is a boy nominated to be the “Boy of the Month” in Corry that is featured in the Corry Journal. The boy is chosen by a committee of  high school staff members and is honored by the Corry Rotary Club. 

The “boy of the month” that was chosen for January is Ashton Mineo.

When I asked Ashton what his initial reaction was when he first got the news he was chosen, he said, “I was honored and thankful that I was chosen.” 

I then asked Mineo why he thinks that he deserves to be chosen.  Mineo said, ” I think I got picked because I’ve worked hard my whole life and my parents raised me right.” 

Ashton has been part of the Corry Boys Basketball Team for all four years of his high school career, and he is also part of the National Honors Society.