Blast from the past: time capsules capture past perspectives


Mrs. Hajec

Time capsule discovered during this year’s renovations

Willow Bowen and Kylynn Deane

During our school’s recent renovations, something shocking was found inside the walls by one of the school contractors: time capsules.

Written on the homemade capsule made from a two-foot white PVC pipe, were the words, “Open in 2042.”Once the school was notified of the encounter of the capsule, they had to decide if they should open the capsule soon, or wait until the instructed year. 

Mrs. Hajec, who is the head of the Corry Alumni Association, took responsibility for handling this entire situation. She discovered that these were created and planted during the construction of the East gym and the CTC hallway in the ’90s, and it was the graduating class of 1992 who made these in Mr. Edmund Potocki’s physics class. 

This isn’t the first time capsule the school has discovered though. Back in 2016, the first time capsule had been discovered since the creation of them in the early ’90s. Inside the time capsule was a floppy disk, a napkin from the prom along with a ticket, an old Beaver Tales article about a freshman class trip to Washington, a ‘Twinkie’, and a letter that was titled “Greetings From the Future.” The ‘Twinkie’ was even eaten at an alumni reunion that year. There isn’t a precise number of time capsules, but there is an estimated number of 16 total. 

After getting permission from those who created the capsule, the school will be opening the most recent time capsule at the next alumni meeting on January 30. The Corry Journal will be there to document the reveal of the items stored inside.