NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Preview

NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Preview

Ashton Mineo, Reporter

After a Super Wild Card Weekend full of thrill and excitement there is reason for high expectations heading into the divisional round.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Kansas City Chiefs – Saturday at 4:30

The Chiefs are seen as the favorites to win the Super Bowl going into this match up. Patrick Mahomes is the MVP front-runner and he is looking to lead the Chiefs to their fourth straight AFC championship. Both of these teams having playing good at the right time, as both of these squads have won five straight ahead of this match up. Although the Chiefs are considerable favorites, the Jags have a lot of built up momentum following their miraculous comeback last week against the LA Chargers. One last thing to consider heading into this game, Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawerence has never lost on a Saturday all throughout high school, college, and the NFL. Will Lawerence keep his streak alive?

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles – Saturday at 8:15 

The Giants have been the Cinderella story so far of this NFL season under first year head coach Brian Daboll. New York was able to pull of the upset last week in Minnesota, but this week will be a much tougher match up against the Eagles, who were the class of the NFC throughout the regular season. The Eagles got the best of the Giants in each of their two match ups during the regular season. With that said it is extremely difficult for a team to best another team three times in one season, so I would not count out the Giants. The Giants have surprised people all year and they are hoping to have one more rabbit up their sleeve.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills – Sunday at 3:00

This match up has extra emotion behind it due to the events that occurred when the two teams suited up to play each other in week 17. Demar Hamlin collapsed on the field and his life was uncertain at the time, but since then he has made tremendous strides and almost completely recovered. It will be interesting to see how this dynamic effects the game and it is great to see that these teams are able to take the field knowing Demar is going to be okay. With all that being said, this is likely the most anticipated match up of the weekend because these two teams have won nine and eight games in a row respectively and they have both been contenders all year. You couldn’t ask for a better quarterback match up with two of the best in league going at it. Will Joe Burrow lead the Bengals on another Super Bowl run or will Josh Allen potentially set up a third playoff match up with the Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers – Sunday at 6:30

The 49ers are the hottest team in football. They have won an insane 11 straight games. Additionally, they have not lost a game since 7th round rookie quarterback Brock Purdy has taken over as the starter. Purdy has stepped in and done a tremendous job for this team. However, rookie quarterbacks historically tend to struggle in the later rounds of the playoffs. The Cowboys are looking to capitalize on this stigma and advance to the NFC Championship. Dak Prescott and the Cowboys looked incredible last week when they eliminated Tom Brady’s Buccaneers in blowout fashion. It will be interesting to see if the rookie can hold his own against this star studded Cowboys team.