SmartPass makes its way to Corry

SmartPass makes its way to Corry

Ruthie Light, Editor

Next quarter, SmartPass is set to be put in full effect. This year, CAMHS is definitely going out with the old and in with the new, considering the recent renovations and now the transition to SmartPass. The complete transition to SmartPass will be enforced at the start of the third quarter on January 24, 2023. Beginning then, students will need to completely fill out a SmartPass application before leaving their designated area (i.e. classroom, cafeteria, IMC, etc.)

Now, you may be asking yourself, “What is SmartPass?” SmartPass is a program that allows students to make electronic hall passes that are meant to take the place of regular, paper hall passes. The app can be accessed through Classlink, if a student should need to leave class at any given time.

To fill out a SmartPass application, first go into the app and click the green button that reads, “Now.” Then, select where you are in the school by clicking on your current classroom number, or the room you are in if it is not a defined classroom (i.e. cafeteria, IMC). After that you will click on the destination you are planning on heading to, and report an estimated time for how long you will be gone. Finally, click on the blue button that reads, “StartPass”, and be on your way!

With the help of SmartPass, all staff for CAMHS will be able to track where students are at any given time of the school day. There are multiple reasons why SmartPasses are being enforced. Two of the bigger reasons are to ensure that all students are where they should be at all times and also to assure the safety of students if there should be any dangerous situations in the school. SmartPass offers a comprehensive digital record of time away from class, and gives staff a look into where students are at without the use of GPS tracking. The app also allows teachers to put limits and restrictions on a pass, such as a timer that keeps track of how long a student has left for. 

Making the transition from paper to digital may be a challenge, but at the end of the day, the decision to use SmartPass will only be beneficial to the school environment. For any lingering questions, or additional information regarding SmartPass, click here.