Survey: What is your favorite gift you received this Christmas?


Ruthie Light, Editor

This Christmas season, people all around the world have waited in anticipation to find out what will lay under their tree on Christmas morning. It is no secret that Christmas is a time of giving and spreading love throughout families. However, it is not selfish to admit that people enjoy the receiving aspect of the holiday as well. As Christmas has just passed, here are some of CAHS students’ and staff members’ favorite gifts that they received for Christmas: 

Kieran Graves: A record player

Cooper Slocum: Taylor Swift concert tickets

Carter Slocum: Plant fertilizer

Lauren Thomas: New books

Jack Hallberg: A bathrobe

Austin Nickerson: A Polaroid camera

Jakob Goodwill: Money

Lucas Morningtar: A new iphone

Brittany Kent: A hope chest

Emma Smith: New clothes

Emma Minnick: A weighted blanket

Willow Bowen: A new iphone

Isaac Morningstar: His two front teeth

Alyssa Burlew: An Aaron Judge pillow

Brooke Beatty: Taylor Swift concert tickets

Ashlynn McGahen: A guitar

Olivia Jackson: A new iphone

Hallie Graves: A cotton candy maker

Yvonne Fay: A glass flower bouquet

Kenzie Knight: Taylor Swift tour tickets

Audrey Baker: Taylor Swift tour tickets

Mrs. Morningstar: A trip to Las Vegas

Mr. Buona: Two comic books

Mrs. Beebe: A shacket

Mrs. Balough: Being able to quit her job

Mr. Potocki: A break from work and time with his family