The Corry Talent Show makes a triumphant return


Hondini and Campy Coco

Willow Bowen, Editor

The talent show coming back had many of us excited, and it was such a relief that we had  enough acts to go through with it after much concern that it wouldn’t happen. Many people really outdid themselves through singing, playing instruments, and comedy acts. 

There were many memorable moments that students experienced that morning like the flashlight moment all the students had while Mr. Potocki sang “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” If you’d ask anyone it would be safe to say it was like a true concert. Another incident that occurred during the show was a raw egg spilled on the stage due to a magic trick gone wrong by magician Alivia Burger, definitely a first. 

The students that performed in the talent show were Color Guard members Vonneece Hayes, Baylee Davis, Avery Webber, and Dreya Titch. People who sang solo were Lauren Thomas, Kenneth Fink, Madison Brown, Nicole Perkins, Mrs. Bogert, Damon Crouch, Gabby Troyer, Izzy Corbett, Mr. Potocki, and Ryah Lambert. 

Some group performers were Hunter LaSalvia, Markus Lambert, and Ryan Webb. Another group that performed, who called themselves “The Big Texas Four,” was made up of Markus Lambert, Austin Nickerson, Hunter Jordan, and Hunter LaSalvia. 

There was only one magic act of the night and that was performed by Alivia Burger and assistant Emma Minnick. Although, that was not the only comedy act the audience got that morning. Global Media had filmed a couple videos acting out funny scripts they had written. 

When I asked one of the talent show advisers, Mr. Potocki, how he thought it went, he said he was “Pretty pleased with the number of acts, and the crowd was very respectful.” Hearing this should be a good sign for talent shows in the future.