Update: Damar Hamlin is making remarkable progress

Update: Damar Hamlin is making remarkable progress

Trent Williams, Reporter

On Monday Night Football, Damar Hamlin suddenly collapsed in the midst of the prime-time game.

Hamlin needed 100% oxygen a couple days ago and could only communicate with people by writing, but now he is breathing on his own and can talk to people. Bills also announced that Hamlin’s neurological function is still intact. The first question Hamlin asked was “Did we win” and the doctors said, “Yes, Damar you won, you’ve won the game of life.” However, he is still ill and in the hospital.

Hamlin also has a GoFundMe for his community toy drive. The GoFundMe has raised almost 8 million dollars.  This GoFundMe is to support toy drives, back-to-school drives, Kid’s Camps, and more.

All 32 Teams changed their profile picture on Twitter to “Pray for Damar #3” and almost all the stadiums have honored Hamlin by changing stadium lights, pictures on jumbo-trons and painting the 3 on the 30 yard line blue. The Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, also lit their building red and blue in support of Hamlin.