A girl named Kyla Walker (not Kayla, KYLA.)


Rachael Hajec, Editor

Kyla Walker, 17, is a senior at Corry High School. She is involved in National Honors Society, Student Council, Upward Bound, Honors Choir, and performs in all the yearly high school musicals along with helping out the middle school productions. She was born and raised in Philadelphia, and her birthday is May 16, 2003.

When asked what her favorite hobbies or interests are, Walker said, “I usually like singing, listening to all kinds of music, and hanging out with my friends.” Also, when asked what her favorite color, movie, song and emotion was, Walker said, “Purple, definitely Austin Powers ha ha, music is too good I do not have a favorite, and Ew, I do not like emotions.” An animal that would match her personality perfectly would be a panda because, “They are cute, vicious, and they love sleep, but they are determined!”

Since Kyla is Co-President of National Honors Society, Co-President of Student Council, and Co-Treasurer of the senior class, I asked her what are the things she loves most about being multiple class officers at the same time?

“I like staying busy and interacting with people, since we don’t get to do that a lot now.”

Kyla’s future plans involve wanting to go to the University of Pittsburgh and become, “… a lawyer or a scientist…wait why not both?!” Her favorite classes are, “Chemistry, only because I love Mr. Kerr, and Choir…duh.”

With this, Kyla’s favorite food and biggest pet peeve would be, “Hot Cheetos for sure, but I really don’t like ignorant people or just ignorance in general.” As Kyla and I have the same interests we also talked about how academics, music, and other extracurricular activities can be just as time consuming as if we were in a sport.

Overall, as Kyla’s senior year eventually will come to an end, her advice to any and all underclassmen would be, “Do your homework…those…points…COUNT.”