The Bodacious Mrs. Butler


Hannah Smrcka

Mrs. Butler

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

Samantha Butler is an English and Read 180 teacher, and it is her first year at Corry. When asked why she wanted to become a teacher she said, “I studied history in college and I like kids, so it seemed the best way to make money if being an author didn’t pan out.” She also said that she had wanted to become a teacher when she was younger. Her favorite thing about teaching is, “the relationships I form with my students; getting to know them and hearing from them later!”

One thing that people don’t know about Mrs. Butler? “There’s a lot since I’m new. I have a lot of random knowledge about a lot of random things.” Her favorite season is fall “just because it’s beautiful!” Her favorite color is cobalt blue. Her favorite food is pasta because “you can eat it a thousand different ways!” Her favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies (but she’s still trying to find the right recipe). Her favorite kind of pie is Pumpkin.

Mrs. Butler grew up and attended high school in North East. She has two sons: Theo (6), and Lincoln (2). She was very active in her high schools activities, she played soccer, was in color guard, dance team, and acted. A busy schedule for sure!

When asked if she had ever received an apple as a teacher she said, “Yes! This year!” Her favorite subject in high school was history because “ it allowed me to study anything because it is about everything.” Her favorite historical event to learn about is, “Europe in the middle ages, but basically anything that has to do with people and who they really were.” She finds it interesting to learn about who they were as people and how things went down behind the textbooks. Her favorite class in college was America to 1800. She enjoys playing soccer and watching hockey. When asked whether she preferred round or swirly light bulbs, she said, “swirly: they’re Eco-friendly.” 

Her favorite author Douglas Adams and added, “today, I’ll go with Douglas Adams, but it changes day by day– or genre by genre.” For example, non-fiction: anything by A.J. Jacobs; science fiction: Douglas Adams; classic literature: Shakespeare; and romance: Jane Austen. For a favorite poem, she said that it depends on her mood. “Different poems for different reasons– I think we encounter the right poem exactly when we need it.” Her favorite poet is Shakespeare. Her favorite movie genre is comedy, especially anything by Mel Brooks.