Survey: What is your New Year’s resolution?

Survey: What is your New Years resolution?

Reagan White and Ava Gjertsen

The New Year holds room for much improvement for us all. Take some inspiration from these resolutions and make a list of your own!

Aivon Vandervort: Wake up earlier

Lexi Oswalt: To be positive about me

Kerah Groves: To be happier

Ayvah Taylor: To be honest to my mommy

Dakota Harlow: have a glow up

Emily Jones: lose weight

Gabe Scouten: All A’s

Matthew Gardner: be 300 percent better than last year

Logan Donnell: be nicer?

Aiden Getchell: be nicer?

Jennica Chase: graduate

Marcie Dick: hope to go on in life after graduation

Sara Fox: less dramatic

Lilyauna Shearer: be the best version of myself

Emily Blake : read more

Genvieve Hinds: to get better grades

Kevin Healey: get in the gym

Keaton Frisina: work out more

Taylor Holby: have all grades above a 92

Tucker Jackson: solve world hunger

Ayden Beckerink: keep grades above 90%

Megan Pound: to be nicer to my students (Carter Jewel)

Mr. Soprano: to be nicer to Miss. Pound

Gracie Rose: care about myself more

Mr. Adamski: Walk my dog more