Survey: What’s on top of the Christmas lists?

Survey: Whats on top of the Christmas lists?

Kylynn Deane, Reporter

Christmas is not about presents. It is about more than that: family time, giving back, cheerful celebrations, religion to some, etc. But, most could argue it doesn’t hurt to give, receive, or wish for gifts! Even though it is not the true point of this holiday, Christmas has evolved with gift giving. Different people wish for different things, so here are some people’s top gifts on their lists. 

Kyla Frisina: Stanley thermos cup 

Landon Deane: shoes

Carter Slocum: Hamster bedding 

Ruthie Light: Makeup

Nick Hunter: Skull

Mr. Adamski: $100 Amazon gift card

Jonas Anthony: Macbook pro

Riley Fiesler: Clothes

Cooper Slocum: A new car

Avery Gates: Weighted blanket 

Cameron Richards: Foam runner shoes

Markus Lambert: Harmonicas

Jack Hallberg: $500

Camryn Fox: Water color paints

Myleigh Music: Hoodies

Cooper Downey: Shoes

Lily Light: Clothes

Tori Yoder: Video camera

Kenzie Knight: Taylor Swift tickets

Audrey Baker: Converse

Mac Rickets: Hydroflask

Shawntel Dyne: Jordan 4’s

Kate Slocum: Nike dunks

Maddy Braswel: Clothes