The Immaculate Reception anniversary game set for Christmas Eve


Trent Williams, Reporter

The Immaculate Reception is one of the greatest NFL plays in the history of the NFL, and this month sees the 50th anniversary of that classic moment.

This play included Terry Bradshaw, John Fuqua, and Franco Harris. This play was a play in which Bradshaw attempted a pass to Fuqua, it bounced off of the Raider defender and Harris caught the ball for a infamous touchdown.

This was in the crucial moments of the 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff Game. This was the first Pittsburgh Steelers post-season win in Franchise History.

The name was suggested by a callers friend right before Myron Copes 11pm broadcast show. Since then the name, “Immaculate Reception” has lived on for 50 years.

The anniversary game is set to happen on Christmas Eve with a kickoff of 8:15 with the Steelers wearing throwback uniforms. The Steelers are set to honor the Reception at halftime. Don’t forget to catch the game on Christmas Eve.