College Football Coach Mike Leach dies at age 61

College Football Coach Mike Leach dies at age 61

Ashton Mineo, Reporter

This week the college football community and the whole country experienced a huge loss. College football coach Mike Leach died late Monday night due to heart complications.

Leach was struggling in the days leading up to Monday when he eventually passed at age 61. It was announced on Sunday that he was airlifted to a hospital in Jackson due to a personal health issue, but it was unknown how serious Leach’s condition was at the time. Leach’s family announced that Mike decided to become an organ donor as one final act of charity.

Coach Leach will be missed by many and he will be fondly remembered by most. Leach was finishing up his third season as the head coach at Mississippi State. He held a win-loss record of 19-17 at Mississippi State, and he was 158-107 overall. Mike Leach led his teams to 18 bowl games in 22 years. Leach coached at Texas Tech, Washington State, and most recently Mississippi State. All three of these teams had been laughingstocks and consistently walked all over in their respective conferences, but Mike Leach stepped in and turned these programs around and made them relevant. Leach is known for being an offensive guru and one of the pioneers of the air raid offense. Leach made a large impact on the schools he coached and college football as a whole.

Mike Leach has certainly left his mark on the football world, but he will be remembered for much more than football. Mike Leach was a national treasure and there is no one quite like him. Leach was always a must-listen-to during his press conferences. He was always so funny and he had a unique opinion on everything. Whether he was talking about food, trick or treating, or even which Pac 12 mascot would beat the others in a fight to the death, Mike Leach was hilarious and his personality should live on forever.