Top ten instruments for beginners

Top ten instruments for beginners

Jacob White, Reporter

Have you ever wanted to play your own music or start a new hobby with it? Well this article goes over the easiest instruments to play according to Corry High School’s band teacher, Mr. McCray. If you are ever looking for an instrument to possibly start out with these might be instruments to consider playing as a start and to get down the basics.

10. Bassoon- Lots of notes but not very hard to learn the note patterns

9. Trombone- Only have to memorize where the Trombone slide has to be for certain notes and how to use your mouse

8. Guitar- Lots of notes to learn but easier rhythms to understand those notes

7. Trumpet- Only three keys to use but you would have to learn the com

6. Bass Guitar- generally only using one or two different octaves so its easier to understand

5. Bass Drum- Only have to memorize patterns with hitting the drum

4. Ukulele- Less notes to learn and understand

3. Saxophone- Lots of notes to learn, but it is extremely easy because of the pattern it follows while you learn it

2. Kazoo- very few notes but not taught very much in or outside of school.

1. Recorder- Due to its very few notes and often being taught in younger grades