Helpful Ms. Hood


Hannah Chelton, Reporter

Ms. Marigrace Hood started her teaching career at Corry this year. Her birthday is on September 20. She was raised in Harbor Creek, and attended Harbor Creek High School. Following graduation, she decided to continue her education, and earned her bachelor’s degree in Special Education at Mercyhurst University. Then she went on and earned her master’s degree at Gannon University.

When asked why she got into the job she did, her reasoning was that she has always been interested in working in special education.  One day the chance came up, so she went for it. If her career was not in teaching she would most likely be a nurse because it still gives her the opportunity to help people. Additionally, if she could learn anything it would be sign language. This is because it could be used in every day life to communicate with others rather than a foreign language where it can only really be used in the country where it is their main language.

Outside of school Ms. Hood enjoys planing volleyball. In the winter time she is employed at the Peek’n Peak Resort, and is a ski instructor. When asked what place she would like to visit, she replied that she would like to travel to Ireland because she has family heritage from there, and she just thinks it is an all-around a cool place. Additionally, she would like to travel back to Barcelona, Spain one day.