Carlos Correa signs with SF Giants

Shortstop Carlos Correa signed a massive 13 year deal with the San Francisco Giants


Jonathan Albers, Editor

Carlos Correa finally finds his long term home. Correa signed a 13-year, 360 million dollar deal with the San Francisco Giants. Both Correa and the Giants had a down year in 2022. Both teams look to rebound and have a lot of success over the next 13 years.

Correa is a career .279 hitter, with a .357 On base percentage, .479 Slugging, and .836 OPS. His 2022 season was down in power, but up almost 20 points in average. He has been one of the leagues top shortstops offensively since entering the league in 2015. He has been very effective with the glove over his career, but not so much in 2022. He was in the 18th% percentile in Outs above average, which is very poor. Correa has a gold and platinum glove, which he won in 2021.

Overall, Correa is great in mostly every category. He’s above the 80th percentile in xwOBA, xBA, xSLG, and barrel rate. The Giants will hope that Correa will have another elite year at the plate, and return to gold glove form in 2023 and beyond.