“Orange Is the New Black” is worth the watch


Skylar Beckford, Reporter

In the last few years, you have probably heard of the TV show, “Orange Is the New Black,” since it remains one of Netflix’s most popular original shows, and has been referred to as a “fan favorite.” After binge watching all seven seasons, I can confirm that the show lives up to its hype.

The show is centered around main character Piper Chapman’s memoir, as she recalls her moments at Litchfield Women’s Prison. It recalls her memories and experiences at the prison, and all the people she meets along the way. However, that isn’t all the show is about. In every episode, it casts light upon not only problems the prisoners face, but what struggles many minorities have had to face in and out of prison. Viewers get to watch Piper’s character develop as she is forced through changes and adjustments due to the dynamic of the prison.

As a general warning, I feel it is appropriate to mention there are some very graphic and heavy scenes, and you should take precaution while watching. However, I find the darkest scenes to be oddly beautiful. In the saddest, harshest moments, it reflects just how terrible it can be for inmates, and how women’s voices are silenced every day. The problems the women in the prison face are real issues that have not gone away, and seeing the harsh reality of how the inmates are treated and forced to live is truly shocking. I started the show with the mindset that I wouldn’t make it past the first episode, but within minutes, I was already so intrigued I could not force myself to look away.

The characters in “Orange Is the New Black” don’t feel like TV show characters at times, because of their realistic portrayals and realistic interactions. Their goofiness and their dialogue make it feel as if you are there with them; just everyday people like you and I. As each season progressed, I watched each character develop and mature, and it felt like I was growing with them. My favorite character is definitely Suzanne Warren, better known as “Crazy Eyes,” because of her bubbly personality and chaotic antics. Actress Uzo Aduba plays Suzanne throughout all seven seasons of the show and has even won an Emmy Award for her amazing performance as the beloved character.

Overall, the show has an amazing set of cast members, directors, and writers. It gives a unique view on what it’s like for the ladies in Litchfield Prison, and women all over the world. If I had to rate it, I would gladly give it 4.5 stars. Just like many others, I have fallen in love with “Orange Is the New Black,” and I am sure you will too.