Superstars find new homes during the MLB Winter Meetings

MLB Superstars find new homes with big free agent signings to start the Winter Mettings

Top 2022 FA and A.L. MVP Aaron judge hits a home run

Top 2022 FA and A.L. MVP Aaron judge hits a home run

Jonathan Albers, Editor

MLB winter meetings have started off with a bang! Superstars find new homes with monster deals as their teams look to make championship runs.

Trea Turner; Philadelphia Phillies

As one of the best shortstops in the league,  Turner looked to get paid. The Phillies have shown interest in a shortstop since 2020, and they’ve found their guy for the next decade. Turner signed an 11 year, $300 million dollar deal with a full no trade clause. This means if Turner desires, he will be a Phillie through his age 41 season. Turner’s production will likely fall off toward the end of his contract, but that is a risk the Phillies are willing to take to win now. Turner will join a star-studded lineup with Bryce Harper, J.T. Realmuto, Rhys Hoskins, and Kyle Schwarber to name a few.

Xander Bogaerts; San Diego Padres

Another shortstop FA looked to sign a monster contract, as Turner only set the stage for the others. Bogaerts decided to take the San Diego offer of 11 years, $280 million dollar deal over the Boston Red Sox’s offer. Bogaerts has been one of the premier shortstops in the league since his debut in 2013. He joins a Padres team with another star shortstop, Fernando Tatis Jr. Tatis will likely move to right field, as Bogaerts is better defensively. The Padres hope this move will push them over the edge and get them back to the NLCS again.

Justin Verlander; New York Mets

Verlander is still terrorizing offenses around the league at age 40, and has shown no signs of slowing down. The Mets took a gamble paying the 40-year-old right-hander $86 million in a two year deal. The hope is that Verlander joins Max Scherzer to become one of the best one-two punches in the league. The Mets will look to get away from the bad taste left in their mouth after their heartbreaking wildcard loss in 2022. Verlander might be the missing piece they just needed.

Jacob Degrom; Texas Rangers

Degrom looked to chase the bag this off season after his many years of dominance in the Queens. The Rangers signed him to a five year $185 million dollar contract. Degrom’s longevity has always been questionable, with him being sidelined for chunks of times over the past couple of seasons. Degrom’s health will be critical to the Rangers success in 2022.

Aaron Judge; New York Yankees

Jude was the top FA of 2022. After he declined the Yankees offer last off season, he proved his worth by becoming the all- time single season A.L. home run leader, and winning the A.L. MVP award. Judge had offers from both the San Diego Padres and the San Francisco Giants, but when the Yankees offered another year and 40 million he couldn’t resist. Even though Judge said that his “Legacy is more important than money,” he took a nine year, $360 million dollar deal with a full no trade clause. His return to New York surprised many after he was booed in the ALCS after his MVP season. Judge will look to represent the Bronx over the next nine years and hopefully win a ring.