Nathan James: Impressive artist


Alivia Burger, Reporter

Every student has talents that are typically proudly displayed to the school; if a student is an academic weapon, an all star athlete, or gifted with musical abilities, the rest of the school knows. However, one of the lesser known talents goes unnoticed and unrecognized. Dozens of kids are talented artists and do not get the credit or appreciation they have earned.

One student, Nathan James, has incredible and notable artistic skills. James’ style is known for being more realistic and having incredible detail. Additionally, he has made impressive caricatures of many celebrities.

With a unique style that has impressive shading and realism to it, James continues to amaze other students with his art. However, not everyone gets to see the incredible works he has made. Talent like this does not deserve to be unnoticed and needs the recognition it has earned. The ability to add details so minuscule takes immense talent and an artist’s eye, which is hard to come by.