What ‘Breaking Bad’ character you are based on your zodiac sign


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Walter White Jr. (Flynn) – Aries 

Aries are known for being bold, adventurous,and confident, and Walter Jr. is just that! He is never afraid to speak his mind, even if what he says is a little bit “out-of-pocket.” Despite his struggle with cerebral palsy, Walter Jr. stays true to himself and is not afraid to have fun! 

Todd – Taurus

Todd is seen as loyal, even if it’s not with the right people. Taurus are very resistant to change and viewers of the show could agree that Todd always had trouble making decisions that would change his original course of action, but I think viewers would also say he is trustworthy. 

Walter White – Gemini

Walter White is a Gemini because of double life and split personality. Around his family he is a quiet, calm, and a kindhearted man. When he is in the world of crime and cooking meth, Walter White is the danger. 

Marie Schrader – Cancer 

Marie is seen as a very emotional and caring individual consistently throughout the series, so it is no doubt that gives off “Cancer energy.” Cancers are known to be very emotional and nurturing. Marie cares very deeply about her family, and would do anything to make them happy. 

Saul Goodman – Leo 

Saul Goodman radiates a fun and energetic persona. He doesn’t mind being in the spotlight, is confident in his work, and is loyal to his clients. You can’t help but think with his funky suits he would be a Leo. 

Skinny Pete – Virgo 

Skinny Pete is a frequent drug user, but under the surface you can tell he has a kind soul. Virgos are sympathetic signs and Skinny Pete sympathized with stuff that a lot of the characters like Jesse did.  

Gus Fring – Scorpio 

Gus Fring is secretive and ambitious about what goes on in his private life. Scorpios are discrete, they tend to have mystery in their life. Fring relates to Scorpios because he has paranoiac and possessive traits.  

Hank Schrader  – Sagittarius 

Hank Schrader is optimistic, hilarious, and honest. His occupation as a DEA agent has had some gruesome moments, but he still manages to have humor in his persona. Sagittarius is spontaneous and a good conversationalist, so seeing his relationship with Walter kind of sets that in stone. 

Mike Ehermantrout – Capricorn 

Mike Ehermantrout, one of the best assassins in Breaking Bad, is a Capricorn. Capricorns are known to be hard workers and overachievers. Success can come easy to them and Mike could say the same for himself. 

Jane Margolis- Aquarius

Jane is a very creative person and mostly expressed herself through art. She is a very unique character that shows many traits of Aquarius like not being very social beings unless they intend to be. Jane is independent and was flawed as being unemotional at times. 

Skylar White- Pisces

Skylar White, wife of Walter White, portrays many characteristics of a Pisces individual. One of the biggest unique qualities of a Pisces individual is that they are very emotionally sensitive and aware. Throughout the series, Skylar is seen being very in touch and direct with her emotions, especially when it comes to her husband’s cancer diagnosis.