The welcoming Aiden Williams


Willow Bowen

Ninth grade student Aiden Williams

Willow Bowen, Editor

Aiden Williams was born on October 22, 2007, and is 15 years old. He lives by Sparrow Pond and is back in Corry schools after being online for two years alongside his sister, Gabby Williams. 

In Williams’ free time he likes to film things, like his dogs, and is currently working on a documentary on the city, Corry. In his future, he can see himself being a filmmaker or a writer. When asked what genre he would prefer to write in, his response was sci-fi. 

His dream vacation spot would be Miami because that is where his favorite show, “Miami Vice,” takes place. Speaking of films, his favorite would the first “X-Men.” 

Musical artists that Williams’ likes to listen to are ’80s bands Journey and Duran Duran. 

An animal that he says matches his personality best would be a dog because they can have multiple characteristics and personalities. When asked about a specific breed, he chose a German Shepard. 

Somewhere Williams’ would consider a perfect hangout spot would be Niagara Falls.

The subjects he enjoys most in school would be history because he enjoys learning about the countries and how they were created. Another class he added to his list of favorites is English because of the amazing teacher, Mr. McBriar.

One of Williams’ favorite quotes is from the sci-fi franchise, Star Trek. The quote by the iconic character, Spock, says, “Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.” 

The biggest pet peeve of Williams’ would be open mouth chewing, so make sure to take that advice. A piece of advice he would like to leave his readers off with is, “Don’t give up.”