To the class of 2021


Rachael Hajec

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Rachael Hajec, Editor

To the class of 2021…

We are almost there. As we come to the end of our first nine weeks, seniors are stressing about college applications, early admissions, scholarships, financial aid, and really any and all future plans after high school. Being a senior during a pandemic is not easy let alone just being a senior in general. With everything going on in the world, graduation plans are unknown, college tours are cancelled, sporting events are not the same, class materials and objectives are different. As a senior myself, I am confident we can all push through to get our diplomas and receive them proudly.

Everyone has a different plan for their future, whether it is to go to college, a technical school, join the military, or even just jump right into a job. A few Corry seniors would like to chime in on this topic, and explain their feelings and plans involving their future:

Bryce Maleski, 17, is a senior here at Corry High School, and when asked about his future plans and feelings about graduation he said, “I’m pretty excited, I’m going to join the Air Force. Kinda just hoping it plays out.”

Nick Albers, 17, is also a senior here at Corry High School, and his future plans include going to a technical school and really exploring his job opportunities. “I want to be an IT manager, and go to EIT…maybe a realtor after…but like on the side” he said.

Morgan Brooks, 17, is a virtual senior this year at Corry High School, and when asked about her hopes and plans for her future/graduation, she has a different perspective. “I am not exactly sure where I want to go to college, but I am leaning mostly towards Edinboro. I plan on majoring in English and then going to law school to be a child advocate lawyer. At the beginning of the year, I decided to do virtual school, which I am really happy with my choice. I have a module due every week and I get to finish my homework at my own pace. Overall, I’m really excited about graduation so I can start a brand new chapter in my life. I am gonna miss Corry High and all the people for sure though,” she said.

As many things are different throughout this school year, teachers and other faculty members strive to give the seniors advice and the best last year possible. They also are aware of many of the virtual opportunities we are able to have during this pandemic, and they would like to speak their advice for the upcoming graduates now:

When thinking of faculty that I knew I could count on to give great advice to the seniors through this hard time, I thought of Mr. Brewer, 9th grade seminar and history teacher. Brewer said, “It is important to embrace the changes because life is all about changes. You will acquire many set backs in life and it will take time to over come them. This is just one of the many you will have throughout your whole life.”

Another faculty member that has helped us all in one way or another would be Mrs. Dow, the guidance counselor. “We all learned last year that circumstances can change without warning, so take advantage of every experience presented to you. Keep planning for whatever your goal is after high school and look for support and information from your teachers, counselors, and parents,” she said.

Overall, together as seniors, as students and faculty, and as one Corry High School, I believe we can achieve our goals and make our dreams become a reality. Looking back on the last four years can seem stressful and worrisome, however, when realizing how much everyone accomplished, and all the people who made close relationships, remember to not regret anything for a second. Never take for granted all the memories and opportunities in high school because next thing you know, you will be graduating too.

To the class of 2021…