Class spotlight: Candy killer in the cafeteria


Mr. Brewer’s Criminal Justice class

Tony Kerr, Reporter

Mr. Brewer’s Criminal Justice class investigated a case of murder during school hours in the cafeteria. The following is presumed from the evidence they gathered.

Mason Savitz was going about his regular day when he stumbled upon Mr. Soprano eating Mr. Brewer’s candy. In a panic, Mr. Soprano grabbed the nearest sharp object, which happened to be scissors, to silence his victim.

In the process, Mr. Soprano cut himself. Realizing he wanted to leave as quickly as possible to avoid being caught he fled the scene leaving candy spread across the floor along with Mason’s body. To cover the blood on his hand he put a band-aid on, which he later threw away.

Mr. Brewer’s Criminal Justice class began investigating the crime scene upon walking in on Mason’s body. The case only took three days for them to solve. The main evidence used in the case was the discarded band-aid and the blood from the scissors as the murder weapon with Mr. Soprano’s blood on it.

Mr. Soprano denied the accusation at first. After Mr. Brewer and his justice-seeking class explained the evidence and how the blood matched between the band-aid and one of the two samples of blood on the scissors, Mr. Soprano confessed to the murder of Mason Savitz. After which he was handcuffed and sent to processing. Mr. Soprano has yet to have his day in court.