Survey: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?


Ruthie Light, Editor

Thanksgiving is a very important and special holiday to celebrate. It serves as time to pay tribute and thanks to the people who make our lives better every day while eating a delicious home-made meal. As Thanksgiving approaches this year, many people all over America are getting excited to celebrate the magical and liberating experience that is eating Thanksgiving dinner with their loved ones. Thanksgiving dinner usually includes delicacies like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, stuffing, pie and many others!

As I pondered the thought of my favorite Thanksgiving food, I began to wonder how my favorite differs from others in my school district. With that being said, here are some Thanksgiving favorites from around CAMHS!

Willow Bowen: Mashed Potatoes

Chesney Hodack: Sweet Potato

Lucas Morningstar: Pumpkin Roll

Seth Alsdorf: Rolls

Hannah Roach: Stuffing

Emma Minnick: Gravy

Ava Gjertsen: Mashed Potato

Kylynn Deane: Stuffing

Jack Hallberg: Stuffing

Nevaeh Gamble: Stuffing

Bella Chase: Mashed Potato

Brooke Beatty: Stuffing

Ashlynn McGahen: Stuffing

Lauren Thomas: Pumpkin Pie

Kieren Graves: Corn Casserole

Maddie Braswell: Pie

Avery Gates: Sweet Potato

Carter Slocum: Mash Potatoes and Ham

Cooper Slocum: Aunt Chris’s Mac and Cheese

Baylee Smith: Cranberry Sauce

Kendyl Scouten: Stuffing

Jon Albers: Turkey

Ashton Minneo: Gravy

Rylan Smith: Turkey

Mrs. Carey: Apple Pie

Mrs. Brown: Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Mr. Buona: Gravy and Stuffing

Mr. McBriar: Stuffing

Mr Getty: Apple Pie

Mr. Potocki: Mashed Potato

Mr. Carney: Stuffing

Mr Brewer: Pumpkin Roll