Lake effect snow expected in the Corry area


Emma Minnick, Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday night, those in and around Erie county can expect quite a bit of winter weather. A lake effect snow warning will begin at 7:00 pm and is expected to persist until 10:00 pm Thursday night. People can anticipate anywhere from three to seven inches of snow, with wind chills ranging between 13 to 15 mph.

The poor weather will make for dangerous road conditions, and meteorologists recommend that unnecessary travel should be delayed in order to avoid accidents.

I asked Corry science teacher Mr. Simmonsen about his thoughts on the upcoming weather warning. He said, “The lake is still really warm, and the land is cooling off rapidly. This means the first couple [lake effect] storms are the ones you really have to watch out for.”

Will the impending storm result in a school delay or cancellation? Time will tell! In the meantime, stay safe and warm.