Survey: What do you love most about your life?

Survey: What do you love most about your life?

Reagan White, Reporter

Having at least one thing that you love close to heart is very important in being yourself. Our happiness stems from these things and without them, life would be pretty dull. Take a look at what some of the students and staff said:

Mrs. Cirigliano – “My god, my family, my friends, and my job; all of the above!”

Drew Kuzma- “My friends.”

Cashlyn Reed – “People, my happiness, and God.”

Mr. Knapp – “My family.”

Olivia Jackson- “My boyfriend, whom is my savior.”

Brooke Beatty- “Bella.”

Bella Chase – “Brooke.”

Yvonne Fay – “My mom, my brother Justin.”

Hallie Graves – “My mom.”

Nyssa Greene- “My job.”

Ashlynn Sherwood – “My family.”

Kloe Bingham – “The fact that I know how to do hair.”

Ashlynn McGahen- “My animals.”

Lexi Fox – “My cows.”

Alexis McGahen- “My mom, my dog, my boyfriend.”

Klay Martin – “The people in it.”

Alec McCray – “I’d say my friends and my family.

Peyton Earls – “Probably the friends that I have.”

Sky Messinger – “I love the people I have in my life supporting me the most.”

Mrs. Audet- “My kids.”

Maddie Braswell – “Probably my family and friends.”

Shelby Fox – “My twin Sara.”

Patience Sherrer – “Getting in trouble.”

Amiyah Thompson – “My dog.”

Emiley Greenaway – “My friends.”