Marching band banquet closes out 2022 season

Jacob White

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The marching band ended their season with a celebration on November 10 at the Corry High School to show what they have accomplished this year and to take a step back and reflect on the year, from all the emotional points, to the football games, and competitions from the 2022 season.

The band worked hard over the summer to learn all of the music and drills to be in shape and ready for the first competition, and they showed what they had at each and every competition. The improvement was definitely seen by all the audience and the band themselves throughout the seasons with all the changes being added in the show in between various competitions to comply and better themselves with the judges. They had placed at various places at each and every competition but never swayed from always being close the top, which brought them into third place at the LMBA Marching Band Championships.

Ali Torz, sophomore, trumpet, said, “It was an amazing season development wise. We all really worked hard during practices and it turned out so good.”

The banquet started off with everyone getting food and others sharing gifts and candy grams with everyone else in the band along with the senior gifts that some of the band came together and got for all three seniors of the band, Haylee Brewer, Jayden Southworth, and Wesley Love. The slideshow was then played as a gift from Jayden Southworth to everyone in the band.

Austin Nickerson, Junior, Pit, said, “The band season was a great one. Despite the roller coaster of emotions throughout the season we pulled off a great show and a great season. I know that we worked hard and participated even harder when we got third. Next year will be another unforgettable experience.”

As the banquet came to a close the awards were presented to every person and they were given a certificate and were awarded a variety of different awards for each individual and also either a pin depending on how many years they have participated in or a patch for the first years. The seniors were given an additional gift that was a C with pictures from all the seasons they participated in and this became a tradition as of last year.

Maggie Reed, sophomore, color guard, said, “This band season was amazing. Everyone grew and color guard did amazing this season! All of the hard work really paid off and improvement was amazing and I canĀ“t wait to see what next year brings.”

That banquet was the close of the 2022 marching band season and also a final goodbye to all the seniors who participated in the band as of this year.