Welcoming winter sports


Jenna Martin, Editor

Now that fall sports have officially come to an end, winter sports will soon begin. There will be girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, high school swimming, and wrestling. All sports have already started pre-season training. 

I asked several winter sports athletes what they were feeling about the upcoming season.

Sadye Dyne, sophomore on the girls basketball team, said, “I am excited. I think it won’t be as good as last year’s season since we have less experienced people on our team with only one senior and just a couple juniors. I think that Rob, the varsity coach, will be able to teach us a lot though.” 

Ashton Mineo, senior on the boys basketball team, said, “I’m excited for this season because we have a young team and a lot of guys that are ready to prove themselves. I think the season will have its ups and downs, but I think we should be competing for a playoff spot again.”  

Jon Albers, senior on the swim team, said, “Yes, I’m excited, and I think the boys will do okay. We still don’t have the numbers that other teams do but we do have the talent. And the girls will do great this season.” 

Cody Proper, sophomore on the wrestling team, said, “I would say that I’m pretty excited for this season, and I’m going into the season pretty confident that myself and the team will qualify for states.” 

All sports will officially start Friday, November 18, and the Beavers will battle all season long until the spring sports come around.